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DigiLife Technologies CO., Ltd(DigiLife), established in 2002, is a world leader in digital camera innovation. The company designs and builds the essential technologies that serve as the foundation for the world’s camera devices. DigiLife set up its operation office in Taiwan in 2002, which has evolved into the company’s Asia Pacific stronghold for the development of digital camera devices for consumer and enterprise purposes, including handy camera, car camera, life camera as well as Digital Still Cameras.

DigiLife Taiwan’s operations encompass industry enabling support and, procurement, product and marketing campaign to business and corporate affairs, as well as future investment through DigiLife Capital. DigiLife is committed to facilitating rapid technical and time-to-market support for local manufacturers, playing the industry enabler role to assist Taiwan’s camera economy and industry upgrade development, as well as supporting to enhance the country’s long-term competitiveness through initiatives to the education and the government.
For further information about DigiLife, please visit http://www.digilife.com.tw/